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Audit Interact is a powerful Audit Management System that has revolutionised the external audit process. Used by audit offices and other clients as the industry global standard in Audit Management Systems. Utilizing a state of the art web-based app. It's recognised as the standard in Audit Management, and comes with English and Arabic language support.

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System Features
  • Audit planning.
  • Execution & gathering evidences.
  • Review & compliance management.
  • Completion.
  • Custom working papers.
  • Audit assertions & risk management.
  • Issue management & report generation.
  • Document storage.
  • Dashboard.
  • Alerts & notifications.
  • Automated materiality calcuations.
  • Test of control.
At a glance!

Audit Interact is an audit management system designed to help auditors and audit department leadership manage all aspects of the external audit process.

It Provides teams with visibility into the audit process through dashboards and audit assignment status updates. The centralized platform gives management quick insight into ongoing audit work, issues, staff availability, and more. Report scheduling and delivery capabilities offer valuable insight into auditing performance.

It Provides configurable audit reports, project phase workflow options, document request management and capacity planning tools.

Supports compatibility across all browsers and devices, giving users the flexibility to manage the auditing process via any internet-enabled device. The platform offers flexible and personalized working views, along with configurable fields and workflows, enabling users to manage custom workflows and perspectives, and user groups and assignments.

The system features a streamlined user interface that syncs together data flow and work patterns to eliminate the gap between audit managers, team members and stakeholders.

The system implements a systematic audit process via errors eliminating and data inconsistencies. We understand the importance of implementing an efficient audit management system to suit the changing demands of today’s technological environment.

Added value

Studies have shown that on average, auditors spend in excess of 40% of their time documenting and reviewing workpapers and preparing their reports. Our users expected average productivity increases of 35% – 40% in the first year of Audit Interact use.


Audit Interact provides users with the ability to schedule projects and resources in such a way that there is a clear visual demonstration of personnel assignments and tracking of projects per auditor.

Data Security

Data and files are secured, not accessible publicly, only through a secured firewall. Database is in separate server for performance, failsafe, not affected by application server traffic. Database Daily backups, 1 week data retention. Automatic encryption and compression of all audit data.


Time Is Money

Studies have shown that on average, auditors spend in excess of 40% of their time documenting and reviewing workpapers and preparing reports.
Our users expected average productivity increases of 35% – 40% in the first year of Audit Interact usage.


Smart Resources Utilization

Audit Interact has been designed as a tool to dramatically reduce time spent on those elements that provide less value.
The system empowers users at all levels to spend less time documenting and reviewing, and more time providing value-added services.


Connect with your team

Audit Interact is a complete standalone solution, which operates on a cloud-based platform, adapting to the audit standards.
The system allows the entire team, regardless of location, to access the audit files. It allows remote review without interrupting the ongoing audit work.

Here's what's in it for you

Things you will get out of the box with Audit Interact.

System Admin & Dashboard

Operation metrics and usage of the system. The elements or tiles in the dashboard displays a consolidated view of all system components for better visualisation about the audit status and milestones.

Audit File Management

Paperless electronic audit files are created on a secured cloud. Perform live reviews and track status on an ongoing basis from any part of the world. Real time and live progress of audit assignments for spontaneous management by engagement team members.

Working Papers & Ratios

Using the global best practices built working papers used as standard templates for each audit cycle embedded in the system to assist in completing required audit tasks in each audit phase. It includes all financial ratios needed to have a better view on clients' performance and profitability.

Financial Statements & Audit Reports

Use our system to prepare your financial statements and assist you in drafting your Audit Reports easily in both Arabic and English Languages. Management points can be prepared while doing the audits to save time and speed up the audit process.

System Benefits To Your Business

Join us now and make benefit of our cloud-based state of the art system. Get your auditors, managers, and partners collaborate together at a pace suitable for the curent fast-moving business environment.

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Why Audit Interact

Simplify your audit planning with this standardized audit management system. It's an audit management system that is equipped with miraculous features to boost auditor productivity. The competence tool makes it easy to tailor, extend, and integrate the process as per the scheduled demand. Audit Interact streamlines workflow by inducing performance flexibility, reviewing audits, and allowing data storage of documents easily on a cloud. Having a user-friendly tool which also can perform and support in administrative and other complementary works to audit engagements.

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